Episode #027 - Gilbert Salazar - "RJ & Beyoncé"

My special guest this week is Gilbert Salazar, Restorative Justice coach and strategist at the California Conference for Equality and Justice. During our conversation, we talk about how his story led him on the path to Restorative Justice, how no one is disposable, and where Beyoncé fits into the practice of circles.

Episode #019 - Isaiah Walker & Oscar Lopez - "The Future of Education...Maybe."

This week I talk to two college students. One has already had experience as a teacher, the other had graduated high school anticipating a career in education--neither are pursuing a career in education. We talk about what they've learned about education so far (from both the perspective of a teacher and student) and why it's so hard to keep highly qualified people interested in education.

Episode #017 - Margo Jackson - "Sometimes You Have to Say No"

My guest this week is Dr. Margo Atkins-Jackson, an assistant principal with a name so amazing that when you hear it, you immediately assume she’s someone who fights crime in a jumpsuit. In this interview, Margo and I talk about why she thinks a divide exists between teachers and administrators, what she has learned during her transition from classroom teacher to school administrator, and why it’s so crucial to say “no” from time to time.

Episode #015 - Dr. Steven Glass - It's So Easy It's Hard

My guest this week is Dr. Stephen Glass, a former principal and now district administrator in West Covina, California. In this interview, Stephen and I talk about why a divide exists between teachers and administrators, the one thing every school needs to have, and why hip-hop artist Rick Ross would be a better Secretary of Education than Betsy DeVos.